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How I got started

Console Gaming

During middle school, I was a huge Call of Duty 4 fan. I was part of a small clan, and would spend most of my weekends ranking up. I looked online for a modded controller, and many were well outside of my price range, with prices ranging from $100 — $200, depending on the features. My next thought was, how hard is it to make a modded controller?

Modded Controller
Modded Xbox controller schematic

The ‘Mod Switch’ was a small black button where users could cycle through various firing modes

Modded controllers essentially turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons by digitally activating the trigger in rapid succession.

After researching how to make modded controllers, it seemed rather straightforward: For about $15 on eBay, I could buy a pack of 3 modding kits. A single kit included the wires, button, and micro-controller.

All I had to do was read the provided schematic, open the controller up, solder the correct leads to the micro-controller, drill a hole for the button, add hot glue, and voila! A modded controller. I killed one controller and some micro-controllers in the process, but once I got it working, I was in business.

I started to mod my friends controllers for $35, one paid me with their old Xbox controller, a $60 value I couldn’t turn down (with a halo themed plate).

Shortly after I began my modded controller empire, I encountered some shrinkage from a client who wished to borrow a controller to “test” it.

Alas I still have the controller my friend paid me with. Without knowing it at the time, my enjoyment through soldering and tinkering further fueled my desire about the displine.

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