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Advanced Garden Monitor

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The Advanced Garden Monitor project arose from a use case I had when I took up indoor gardening as a side project. My annoyance came from the manual monitoring of temperature and humidity, due to the need to be physically at the site to read the current state of the enclosure, and the inability to feasibly track enviornmental changes over time, to the granularity I desired.

The first post was before I decided to make this project my final capstone at Salem State, thus the verbage is such that I had intended to use the project to spur blog post ideas. With time being constrained, I never got around to the quantity of writing I initially set out to do, through documenting my progress with AGM.

After commiting to the project for Salem State, part of the report’s requirements were similar to what I had intended to draw out through numerous blog posts. Again, time constrained during my final two semesters, I ended up just posting the report I submitted.

As mentioned in the posts, the code reflects a moment in time during my still continual process of learning. As such, the structure, design, and implementation could use some well-deserved refactoring, but my interests lie elsewhere in other projects at the moment.